Who are the best PC games in passing in 2016? This year was filled with both good and quite interesting titles and big failures and disappointments – like the famous No Man’s Sky.

Our list is completely subjective and beyond certainly remain strong titles as beautiful Firewatch, puzzle The Witness, the action Ninja Shadow Warrior 2 or beautiful but greedy Deus Ex: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which include cash microtransactions.

However, our list includes titles that are not only highly rated by fans, but also played and liked by us. In addition, winter discounts on Steam already happening, and most of these titles can be purchased.

Here is our list:

10. Dishonored 2
The fact is that this is a pretty good game with an interesting history. The skills of Emily and Corvo, the stylish atmosphere and stealth gameplay are at highest levels. Another fact is that the game was not quite optimized for the PC, and if you don’t have the latest patches, it can expect ugly textures and glitches, even if you have a powerful PC. This is the main reason the game not to take higher positions.

9. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak
If you’re a fan of Company of Heroes or the oldest Ground Control II, it will most likely love and Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. The action does not develop in space but on the desert planet Kharak. In fact, the game is sequel of the cult Homeworld with beautiful and detailed graphics and may surprise you with an interesting history. The maps on which the action takes place are the huge and the details of the terrain is precise. In general Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak’s a pretty nice game, despite some minor glitches and the short campaign.

8. Titanfall 2
Multi fun, beautiful graphics, nice campaign – Titanfall 2 is one of the best games of this year. Evolution from the previous section is significant, as the greatest proof of this is the campaign, which as we said is enjoyable. The only downside of the game is its price – $60. But if it is placed on the promotion of EA (which happens often), then things get a bit better.

7. Civilization VI
It should be noted that the game has its problems, mostly related to buggy AI, which fails to deal adequately with the diplomacy in the game. It is questionable and the decision to add areas to the cities. Despite these shortcomings Civilization VI is an extremely large-scale turn-based strategy that will provide multiple options for development. If you want to develop your nation from the Stone Age to the present day, realizing meanwhile your dream of world domination – this is your game.

6. XCOM 2
Perhaps the best turn-based title for the year. The story in XCOM 2 shows a world where the aliens are defeated and have begun to impose their world order on the planet, promising a bright future. Building shining cities, but the coin has a flip side – anyone who disagrees disappears, and the aliens may have other plans. You take on the role of a rebel who should organize the resistance against the alien regime.

5. Tyranny
Choosing between good and evil has never been presented better in the game. Tyranny is RPG, which take on the role of a warrior from the victorious army of evil. From you depends whether you instill fear and terror in the hearts of the conquered people or will try to help them, taking a moral position. Your every choice matters and brings its consequences. If you like Pillars of Eternity or Baldur’s Gate series, it has a big chance to like and Tyranny.

4. Overwatch
This online team shooter managed to win millions of fans because of the fresh graphics and fun gameplay that build a successful way the Team Fortress 2. There are 23 different characters – each with its own power and weapons. Blizzard really have managed to create a very diverse shooter. My personal experience is limited to a few hours of play at the weekend when Overwatch was free. If you are looking for super dynamic action, this may not be the game for you. But if you want something fresh, different and better than the classic Team Fortress 2, you can buy Overwatch for $40.

3. Battlefield 1
This is a game that managed to win substantial Call of Duty. EA DICE showed amazing courage in deciding to bet on forgotten battlefields of the First World War. Gas attacks, storming of muddy trenches, battles biplanes, destroyed zeppelins – the game seemingly has it all. To weapons added submachine guns and tanks, which are entering the battlefield at the end of the war, but makes the game more dynamic. The chart is also very good. In fact, the most significant problem of Battlefield 1 is its one-sidedness – the campaign represent our views only of our opponent – Entente. The game represented countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

2. Stellaris
Personally for me this is the best space strategy that I’ve ever played, and the depth fully comply with all other titles from Paradox. The options you have are really great. You can create as fanatically religious, but peaceful race or start a humanity that is direct democracy, but has a strong xenophobic and militaristic mentality. If you choose the second option, it can kill the alien races inhabiting the liberated your planets, but if you do, will set all other races against you – because genocide of planetary size. Stellaris is indeed a cosmic scale RTS title, and updates that do Paradox several months, are essentially mini expansions that bring a lot of new things and improve significantly the gameplay.

1. Doom
We included Doom in other rankings, but there is no way – the game is really perfect. Beautiful graphics demonic, furious soundtrack and thoroughbred action – you have nothing more to ask a FPS gameplay. Doom is back to its roots and not that “grim” title that was Doom 3. Attention deserves and the multiplayer, which also is quite dynamic and even a little reminds of Quake III. The game allows the easy creation of new maps and levels. Id Software truly understand their business, and the game don’t have a single weak point.

Let us know what do you think of this games in the comments down below. Which are your favorite games of the 2016?

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