On Special event Microsoft revealed a “second chapter” in the development of Windows 10. After more than two hours presentations, time to summarize what we saw – Windows 10 for tablets and smartphones, integration of Cortana and Office, the new browser, called Spartan, relationship with the Xbox One, and at the end – HoloLens. If the latter sounds like something new and strange, not to be confused. Generally these are the glasses for holograms, which can be useful for both business and leisure. It seems that Windows 10 will be the operating system that will fulfill the dream of the company to create a universal operating system. Here everything interesting that presented by Microsoft.

We start with debunking, but the confirmation hearing, which appeared in the middle of last year – Windows 10 will be released as a free update. Yes, Microsoft will release the latest version of its operating system right – first for Windows 8 (and 8.1), and then to Windows 7. This version will be free within a year, announced Terry Myerson, vice president of Unit operating systems. Currently lacks the price consumers will have to pay if they take advantage of the “top ten” after this period. We assume that the decision must convince consumers that switching to a new version is sufficient justification to do so. Interestingly, the information about the free version is interpreted differently by the foreign media. According to The Verge version will remain free, and Ars Technica share our opinion – free version for one year, which then must be paid.


The next stage of the presentation was dedicated to Continuum – recalled that this regime should make working with hybrids (tablet and laptop) easier. This is one of the main problems faced by Windows 8 – the system seems to be more convenient for working with sensor displays of suffering work with keyboard and mouse. Now, thanks to Continuum, working with hybrid devices have the best possible. When used in a “tablet” operating system goes into layout, suitable for this way of working – open applications pass in full screen, and the user can navigate through gestures (slide screen). If the unit is “laptop” or use a keyboard and mouse, Windows 10 passes in desktop mode.

Since we started the theme for tablets and hybrids, Microsoft made the first presentation of the “top ten” for smartphones. As we expected, “Phone” dropped from the name. Joe BELFIORE, VP of operating systems, said that Windows 10 was established from the outset, so that it works on any type of device. This means that the version you will see in mobile phones, with the same basis as we will see in desktops. BELFIORE made a brief presentation to the Lumia 1520, which works with Windows 10. The interface remains similar, but there are some minor differences. We are sure that in the time that the system is available to users will find much more.


BELFIORE emphasized the fact that the latest applications already recorded are displayed at the top menu. Updates appear in Action Center, which is now synchronized with the PC and can earn more notifications. The main part of the presentation on Windows Mobile 10 was devoted to improvements in text input in short messages. The user can move and resize the keyboard easier, but is already available opportunity to dictate. Although this is nothing new in the world of mobile devices, according BELFIORE here this is achieved at a very high level – the system not only understands the words perfectly, but if you hear a name that is available in the directory, you can insert. Interestingly, Microsoft has Skype built-in system for text messages – a decision that resembles what make Google Hangouts.

Then followed something more interesting – a presentation of universal Office applications. This is part of Microsoft’s plan to offer optimal Office experience on all devices running Windows 10. Although we were not shown how the Excel, Word and demonstrate BELFIORE PowerPoint. The new Office applications are specifically designed for Windows 10, but a serious thought for users who will use them in mobile devices with touch screens. Reflow function automatically optimizes Word documents in appearance, suitable for mobile devices. The known band in which we find all the functions can be transformed into a form that is more convenient for use in smartphones, for example. Additional comfort comes from the synchronization that occurs between all Windows 10 devices to the consumer – so the work that was started on the tablet can be easily extended in the laptop. We must admit that PowerPoint seemed perfectly Lumia 1520 – animations and change slides were smooth and pleasing to the eye. Maintained and Miracast, to allow presentations to be easily shared to a larger screen.

Another important element of the ecosystem of Windows 10, looking forward, is Coratana – “the most personal virtual assistant,” as defined by Microsoft. We must admit that we were pleasantly surprised by its integration in Windows 10 – Cortana is everywhere, which adds significant convenience. The program even has increased its portfolio of opportunities to be even more useful to desktop users. We can not deny the fact that some of the new features resemble those known from Google Now, but here are much more developed. Cortana can track flights (BELFIORE gave the example of the flight of his wife), sports results, but also to monitor the upcoming events entered in the calendar. Here we should mention that it looks the same and smartphones with Windows 10, but is synchronized instantly. Cortana can check the time and all information stored in the application called Notebook.


Interestingly, Microsoft has yet to be inspired by something the service of Google – the voice assistant can be used to search for files on your computer. The user also has the option to Cortana writing emails – enough to dictate what he wants to say. The good news is that you do not need to use specific phrases as voice assistant will clearly understand what is required of him, if the user says, “Hey, Cortana, find my pictures taken in December.” If you are concerned that assistant knows too much about you is available opportunity to limit the information to which it has access.

BELFIORE submit a new application and Photos. Interesting is that the photos of all Windows 10 devices that hold the user are synchronized in this program. Yes, this is not something new, but the important thing is that the system does not display the recurring images to not become a cluster. That sounds great, but certainly many users who are already engaged with other cloud services, will not benefit from a similar function. The application automatically enhances images, but it can be done manually.

Then continued with the presentation more thing had a number of rumors – the new browser, codenamed Spartan. The first thing that impresses is simple design, although the most interesting things are among its functions. The first is the possibility of applying annotations in real time. BELFIORE demonstrates how to draw and surrounds directly on the open page. Spartan has a reading mode that mimics a similar feature available in Safari. If the user has turned on the website is designed in a form easier and more pleasant to read. This function can be further customized to be most convenient for each user. The selected content may be deferred by reading offline. Another good news is that the voice assistant Cortana is integrated into Spartan. It can be summoned to provide additional information.


After BELFIORE, the scene got Phil Spencer, who spoke for Xbox One and its connection with Windows 10. It must be noted that universal Windows 10 applications will be compatible with the console. More interesting is the program Xbox. It will allow users of the operating system to connect to Xbox Live, to comment and share videos that are recorded during the game (by pressing the Windows key + G). The most impressive part of the presentation of Spencer was the other – two players participated together in online game with. Of course, this is nothing new. What is new is the fact that a game from Xbox One, and the other – from the PC. This is the first time that Microsoft has managed to achieve such a thing promised for years. Spencer presentation ended with something else also left a nice impression on us. He contacted in Surface Pro 3 with its Xbox One, a game console to stream the laptop. Presentation went smoothly and after a short fun with Forza Horizon 2 Spencer off the console remotely. In his words, Xbox One, that link is located in his home.


At the end of the presentation it was time for new hardware products. Unfortunately we did not see a new phone “hybrid”, but we saw something much more interesting – HoloLens. This is the device by which the user “sees” holograms imposed in the real environment – something that resembles the technology that has become a key to the movie “Minority Report”. The holograms are designed to spread around the world of the man who brings HoloLens. Since it is difficult to explain what he saw, you can see the presentation in the next short video:

“This is your world of holograms,” said Alex Kipman, creator of Kinect. HoloLens has a clear lens reproduces surround sound, it is equipped with motion sensors and a number of technologies. The user can interact with holograms – just as Tony Stark in the movie “Iron Man”. Certainly did not expect such technology, but Microsoft surprised us more than pleasant.


^Photos:Cnet D.TECH NEWSCortana,Microsoft,WindowsOn Special event Microsoft revealed a 'second chapter' in the development of Windows 10. After more than two hours presentations, time to summarize what we saw - Windows 10 for tablets and smartphones, integration of Cortana and Office, the new browser, called Spartan, relationship with the Xbox One, and...