The new year starts Monday! No, this is not an error – the technology world awakens from winter holidays on January 5, when starting CES 2015. The exhibition will be held between 6 and 9 January, and our place is known – Las Vegas, USA. Although visitors can browse stands Tuesday, tech companies organize their special events before this time. We expect the week to begin a very interesting way.

The exhibition, as happens every year, will be filled with the presence not only of the big names, but also a small but very interesting companies. Visitors are expected to be able to see products from 3500 companies. Although in recent years speak of a decline in the popularity of CES, caused primarily by the desire of big present best technologies of private events, certainly stands are surrounded by lovers of technology.

New TVs

One of the central topics at CES were televisions. Last year, the show was stolen by the folding models from Samsung and LG, but this year we expect something different and more importantly – the quality of the picture.

LG has already boasted that we cook very pleasant surprise – technology quantum dot (quantum dot). At its heart are points nanocrystals whose size range from 2 to 10 nanometers. Each point is a different color depending on its size. By adding film of quantum dots to the backlight LCD displays significant improvements in color reproduction and quality the overall brightness. This means improved color reproduction IPS panels LG – by over 30%. The technology is not entirely new, since Sony based its Triluminos TVs her, but was unable to impose as had to use environmentally harmful cadmium. We expect the new OLED 4K models, but also a new series that draws on sophisticated design – Art Slim.


In addition to technology, LG will pull customers to their stand and the new version of webOS. Among the major improvements will be time to start applications.

At the moment we have no serious information for new hardware technologies in TVs by Samsung, but the news related to software are more than good. Smart TVs Korean giant will be compatible with PlayStation Now, which means PS3 games that are placed directly on your TV – no need for a console.

The new models bearing the brand Samsung, will use the operating system Tizen, which is familiar to us from some of the cameras and smart watches the company. We expected a serious set of applications and services. It is quite possible to see new Flexible TVs, but we think that the main theme will be connected home.


At CES 2015, Sony, Sharp and Philips will reveal models running Android 5.0. Sony will have a discrete event on 5 January, which we expect to see cheaper 4K TVs, but interesting audio products.

Sharp will also have event on 5 January and invitation reads: “Life, inspiring the imagination.” Of course, we can hardly decipher what they mean this, but the most logical assumption is new TVs.

A year ago, Philips showed a serious set of audio systems, speakers and headphones. We assume that the trend will continue this year, but we expect interesting OLED TV.

To conclude the topic of televisions at CES 2015 should have more information about 4K content to fulfill the potential of great TVs, we’ll see. Looking forward and 4K Blu-ray players.

Smartphones and smart watches

In recent editions of CES Sony is the manufacturer who revealed its flagship. It is interesting to see whether this year as there was information that the company will change its strategy, will see top model.

According to many rumors that can make Samsung, presenting Galaxy S6. We think the probability is negligible, but it is possible hint. Korean manufacturer can not boast that 2014 was successful for him, the conference, which will be led within the CES, it might be an excellent time for change.

Last year was successful for the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. After a series of rumors that the company will present flagship Mi5 at CES 2015, a spokesman for the manufacturer said it will not take part in the exhibition.

Less expected, but interesting news related to Kodak. At CES 2015 we will see smartphone bearing the iconic brand. The device itself is a work of Bullitt Group, which produce phones CAT. It is expected that the most interesting thing about the model is a service that will offer easier sharing and printing (link to printing devices).

By LG will present heir to the G Flex, which will be equipped with the latest processor Qualcomm – Snapdragon 810. Improvements will be more in the display and camera. HTC to unveil the new smartphone, but it will be the flagship of the company, Huawei will likely have peaceful participation, which will only present Ascend Mate 7 on American soil.

Asus will introduce new models of smartphones equipped with chips from Intel, but the more interesting will be the back of the phone. According to several cues from the company expect improving basic cameras. It is possible to see a pattern with two sensors.

Lack of flagship models from major manufacturers means that smaller companies will receive more attention. We think it would be deserved, because at CES 2015 will see interesting patterns YotaPhone 2 and FxO – smartphone running OS Firefox. Fans of more extreme models will be satisfied by new proposals from Sonim, Caterpillar and Energizer.

sz_ YotaPhone 2

We expect serious wave of smart watches. This year will see the model of Apple, but that’s enough, many manufacturers try to pull the best before the Cupertino company. Besides the big names in this segment will include little-known manufacturers. One of them is a Goldkey, who will present Android model that works completely independently (like Samsung Gear S).

Tuesday will hold the event of Intel. If you are interested in smart watches, you should not miss. Hardware manufacturer working on interesting products in collaboration with Fossil and Tag Heuer, which can lead to very nice results. We’ll find out soon.

Within a year this category went through interesting events – the first models with Android Wear, but the announcement of Apple Watch. This year probably will not see models of Pebble, but it is possible to meet with the LG G Watch R 2.

Smart accessories

A year ago, we expected these gadgets with great interest, but the models failed to impress. We hope that this year it will change. By HTC will present smart accessory that will not watch. The information was confirmed by a spokesman for the company to VentureBeat. According to his words, the widget will be worn on the wrist, but it will be very different from the models currently on the market.

At CES 2015 technology will conquer clothing. Adidas, New Balance and L’Oreal products will be equipped with a number of sensors, and the company promised Helabe widget that will automatically record the calories consumed. ShotTracker will present basketball accessory that will monitor attempts to basket and Wahoo will demonstrate special tape that monitors the number of do push-ups, squats and a number of physical exercises. We expect more shirts that monitor heart rhythm team running, gusting in sensors, but also many new gadgets.


Drons and robots

Widgets that always gather many onlookers – Drons and robots. Last year was interesting representatives in both categories, and that we expect even better proposals. By Torquing Group, which gathered major funding through Kickstarter, will present Zano. Dron is so small that it can fit in your hand, but it is no problem to shoot HD videos.

Air Dog, who in his last presentation had much success as the clipper is understood, will demonstrate a model that automatically monitors owner and shoot it with a camera GoPro. Hexo + is a similar product, which will see at CES 2015.


GoPro themselves will have a presentation on Tuesday, but according to information on BBC it will be presented drone. So we can expect from Parrot.

Expect our robots from Doog (model which follows the user around the mall, but do not know yet the idea behind it), Keecker (robot that is a projector) and hope for many more surprises.

Smart home

In recent years, this is among the most discussed topics – the desire everything in our homes is tied to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Manufacturers are working hard in this direction, but something was missing – the ability of all devices to seamlessly communicate with each other. If you bet on devices from different manufacturers, the chance may not be compatible is huge. Large companies are trying to change that – Intel announced a similar platform, but Apple offers HomeKit. Samsung are among the most active in this endeavor, and Google has the initiative Works With Nest. Expectations for this year’s CES is huge, but only after a few days we will know whether it was worth it.


CES is not the exhibitions in which these gadgets featured prominently. It is possible a wide range of models presented at Photokina 2014 to be presented on American soil, where users can touch them. More likely to see video and more extreme models.

Virtual Reality

According to some of us it may become the “next big thing”. Although virtual reality speak for decades, last year this technology began to show development aimed at consumers. As a “culprit” for this we can determine Oculus Rift, which at CES 2013 and 2014 showed the right direction. The company is now owned by Facebook, which makes us dream of a quantum leap in development.

At CES 2015 we can see a new software for Samsung Gear VR, and we think we can expect similar hardware from other manufacturers.

sz_ Samsung_Gear_VR

Self drive cars

Autonomous cars are something during efforts in recent years. Unfortunately, this technology still has room for improvement, and a number of laws kept her away from consumer vehicles. It is here comes the role of CES – the show will see a number of demonstrations, but also new versions of CarPlay and Android Auto. D.EVENTSCES,gadgets,smartphone,smartwatch,TechnologyThe new year starts Monday! No, this is not an error - the technology world awakens from winter holidays on January 5, when starting CES 2015. The exhibition will be held between 6 and 9 January, and our place is known - Las Vegas, USA. Although visitors can browse...