“You take the blue pill – you wake up in bed and believe whatever they believed before. If you take the red – you stay in Wonderland and the World will show you how deep the rabbit hole,” says Morpheus from the popular cyber-punk hit “The Matrix” . And offers two pills the protagonist Neo. The film tells the virtual reality called “The Matrix” in which people’s minds are closed by uncontrolled AI and are subject to the new race machines. Soon Neo dilemma can be placed in front of us all. Because technology virtual reality (VR) began to raise incredible speed.

Until a year or two glasses VR were available only as prototypes. But now they are gradually making their way to end users. Of the exhibition of Technology in Berlin IFA Samsung presented a special accessory for virtual reality, which can be used in addition to the smartphone Galaxy Note 4. This attracted the attention of the audience and suggests that these technologies are closer than ever.

But are we really on the verge of creating virtual reality? In the context of “The Matrix” far short answer is “No”. But outside it can be said that we are on the threshold of a new type of technological experience that can turn our notions of reality.

Glasses for everyone

Attempts to create a virtual reality can be traced from the end of XIX century when they created special 360-degree murals. The first real attempt, however date from the late 60s when they start to appear installations with augmented reality glasses. The concept of goggles and gloves VR began to gather strength in the late 80s and in the 90s. These accessories in combination with a computer-generated environment gradually become experimental tools for design and industrial design. For some giants of the military-industrial complex of the United States laboratories virtual reality already part of the entire design process. American military combat simulators have built tens of millions who use similar solutions. But here we are talking about large installations at a price of one million dollars up. Mass devices to end users so far no or at least not likely to have. Only in recent years began to appear prototypes and preproduction models of virtual reality glasses, mainly focused on gaming.

With one step forward in this regard began Oculus Rift. The company developed the eponymous pair of glasses with built-in displays that cover the maximum field of view. They combine several key features – good quality, reasonable initial design, good feeling and the comparatively optimized software. Oculus Rift progressed with technology and in March this year was acquired by Facebook for nearly 2 billion. Dollars. Expected the final product to be released in 2015, but it is available for application developers. But Oculus Rift is not satisfied with the project for their own device. It turns out that the company has partnered for nearly one year with Samsung in creating Gear VR – a special accessory for virtual reality. It represents the glasses that do not have their own display and fabletat Galaxy Note 4 is embedded in them. Through special lens creates a sense of view. The two companies partnered in this interesting combination between a smartphone and virtual reality. Powerful screen with high resolution Note 4 provides a rather clear picture. Thus real Oculus Rift heated public about your product. Earlier this year, Sony also showed a prototype of their glasses named after the ancient Greek god of dreams Morpheus is expected and they made ​​their debut on the market next year. In other words, divide us several months of quality virtual reality glasses that are available to the general public.


Initially Oculus Rift had focused its efforts on the solution for the gaming industry. The goal is the player to feel “that is within the game itself.” But after the release of version Developer devices began to be adapted for a variety of purposes. Which showed that virtual reality glasses are not limited to one area. Turning the smartphone into a similar device gives a hint of just that. Almost no limit – the industry has shown that VR technology can be used to design, so by putting them to the general public and downloading their price, they can be made available to any builder, engineer, etc. Doctors can be trained to do complex operations in a real environment without risking the lives of patients.

Widespread use can be introduced in the film. Hollywood has long looking to escape the vicious circle of three glasses and computer effects to enhance the experience can (and price). There is one small problem – unlike movies games do not have full 360-degree virtual environment. They starred in two dimensions, and even three-dimensional images are made in a special way so as to deceive the brain that some objects have volume (ie. Stereoscopic vision). One solution is to handle or shoot the film with special lenses to “stretch” the picture so that it then fit into a 120-degree format, which maintain glasses Oculus Rift, covering the field of man.

Panoramic movies

But it is losing one of the main advantages of virtual reality – interactivity. Being able to rotate the head to “look” – this is the power of this type of devices. Which can not be obtained only with the processing of conventional cameras. Software processing of traditional content in panorama is almost an impossible task – both for editors and operators. Idea decision stems from Google. Internet giant make panoramic photos with its Street View service in different countries associated with satellite cards. The technology using special devices that are equipped with a plurality of chambers. They shoot once and form a homogeneous view. The concept was adopted by startup Jaunt, which creates camera for video and film, respectively, in a 360-degree view. The cameras can capture full view in horizontal and there is a version for vertical view. That is to cover the field of a nearly complete sphere. Imagine the movie “Gladiator” – the main character comes on stage. In the center there is a camera that focuses on it. Viewers with a simple turn of the head will be able to see the ancient amphitheater. Look up – shows us the hot sun. To make such films, however, there is one catch. Since the dawn of cinema directors rely on perspective and shooting angles to create different sensations. Before the days of computer special effects are achieved precisely by playing proportions, perspective, etc.. These are issues that are yet to be cleared when creating a new generation of panoramic movies. One thing is certain – the virtual reality will provide a new tool for Hollywood’s new methods of shooting.

The first type films with enlarged viewing angle already made ​​by the developers purchased the preproduction units of Oculus Rift. Jaunt venture is still in its infancy, but the company received 27.8 million. Dollar funding from investors to develop the idea for it had gradually in Hollywood. After a few years are likely to forget the 3D-glasses in movie theaters and the rotation of the head of the audience does not mean that the film is boring.

But what is “The Matrix” in the movie? Neuro-interactive simulation of real life. Translated into normal language means that the program is directly related to the brain of humans. They perceive virtual reality – as real, although actually a great illusion. We are far from the technology to play so precisely with all our senses to lose touch what is real and what is not. But at some point you really have a choice between blue or red pill. Virtual reality glasses are now a step away from the average user. A technology, which work Oculus Rift, Jaunt and dozens of developers ensure that this niche has great potential. D.TECH NEWSgadgets'You take the blue pill - you wake up in bed and believe whatever they believed before. If you take the red - you stay in Wonderland and the World will show you how deep the rabbit hole,' says Morpheus from the popular cyber-punk hit 'The Matrix' . And...