The main criticism of every new smartphone has the same: does not offer anything revolutionary, just a very small step in the development of hardware and software. Against this background, it is quite difficult for any new model smart phone stand out among the rest, especially when the work of a new player in the market. The challenge is even greater when this new entrant is the largest online retailer in the world Amazon, led by Jeff Bezos perfectionist.

At first glance, the first smartphone company – Fire, also does not offer anything revolutionary. Technology already available in one form or another in competing smartphones, but are either not recorded who knows what successes or currently trying to attract the attention of the user. Bezos’s approach is different. He “got” these technologies and build on them so that they actually work to attract the user’s attention. Fire on the Amazon practically trying to show how their competitors features had to look from the outset.

Constantly upgrade

“From the beginning we wondered how our phone to be different. Can we do better phone for our most active customers,” Bezos said during the presentation of the Fire. This philosophy is rooted in the whole development of the phone and even in choosing the right moment for it to be officially presented. The desire of the Amazon is not to make a phone that has one or two distinguished him technologies, and is a comprehensive proposal that builds available on the market so far.

That is why the three-dimensional display, which was the main focus of rumors about the device actually stepped into the background during the official presentation of the Fire. Not because it works as expected, but because Bezos chose to place focus on the features that were not disclosed in advance. One of them is the application Firefly. Through the Fire could become a universal assistant in the identification of goods, objects, music. There is even the possibility of recognition of TV shows through their sound. Total Firefly can recognize more than 100 million items, each one of them can offer additional information and a link to purchase from Amazon. Firefly even has its own physical button to activate. This has a main camera. According to Bezos physical buttons are a good thing and “unlike other manufacturers” Amazon wants them removed.

3D display itself nor a part of a wider development of the company. It is said Dynamic Perspective and uses four cameras are placed on the front panel. Each of them has an infrared diode to be able to “see” the face of the user in the dark. It will take only two, but Bezos says he wants users to be able to keep and use their phone as their most comfortable. Therefore, there are four chambers, in order to be able to work under all conditions. A separate processor and advanced algorithms in real time the movements of the face and eyes. This allows the software to optimize images to three-dimensional effect can be visible to the user, without the need to have it to wear special glasses. That effect is only visible in several places in the interface, several applications and games. This is not accidental, because Amazon prefers to use it as a complement to the overall experience, not as the backbone of the phone.

Dynamic Perspective include other known development of competitive telephones. For example, function auto-scroll, which allows scrolling lists by shaking the phone. According to Bezos these gestures are completely natural to man, and intuitive. “No need to learn this one,” he says. The good news for the creators of applications is that Amazon will allow them to utilize Dynamic Perspective for their work.

Incandescence of passions

The smartphone uses a relatively modern hardware that it placed in the highest class. Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running at 2.2GHz. RAM is 2GB, as there is LTE, WiFi, GSM, UMTS, Bluetooth, NFC modules. The internal memory can be 16GB or 32GB. The rear panel has 13MR camera with mechanical stabilization and LED flash. There are two stereogovoritelya technology Dolby Digital Plus. On both sides of the phone has Gorilla Glass panels 3 and around them – rubber frame.

The attention to detail is typical of Bezos and extends beyond the Fire. Handsets that the user gets bundled with the phone using flat cables and magnet, as the company says they will not get caught when stowed in a pocket. The device has many “little details” that the words of Bezos make working with it more enjoyable. But he only gave an example: ability to set the time that the phone does not ring, then mode is automatically turned off to not forget the user. Surprisingly, the phone does not 3D photos or videos as the company has not said a word about the built-in battery. Ultimately Fire phone will be available first in the U.S. in the operator AT & T. Price will be $ 199 for the 16GB version and a contract. Expected price without a contract is $ 650.

Initial reactions to the phone were relatively positive. Analysts specialized technology publications such as CNET, The Verge and TechCrunch approved device and effort that Bezos and his staff have made in the development of Fire. It seems that the phone really meet the original expectations which were set up along all the rumors about him. But he faces the same problem as everyone else: how to get a user to abandon your current phone and ecosystem, which is accustomed to, and focus on an entirely new platform.

Although interesting, Fire difficulty persuaded even avid fans of the technology to do so. In a survey of over 1000 CNET among consumers about 53 percent say they would buy Amazon Fire. We should not forget the competition. If good reviews for Fire preserve after the first test and sales, then other manufacturers will follow the example of Amazon and have similar functions in their phones. Thus, although it does not offer much breakthrough technologies, Amazon Fire has a chance to “ignite” the smartphone industry and to focus on a new path that is a little more interesting than the former. D.TECH NEWSAmazon,smartphoneThe main criticism of every new smartphone has the same: does not offer anything revolutionary, just a very small step in the development of hardware and software. Against this background, it is quite difficult for any new model smart phone stand out among the rest, especially when the work...