Amazon unveiled its first smartphone that certainly stands out from the flagship. Fire Phone, as its name, has excellent hardware, 3D technology and some very interesting features. Of course, like any product of the company, and the phone is heavily involved with the services of Amazon. In the following lines you will read everything you need to know about Fire Phone.

As we wrote in our preliminary material, Amazon is a company that very cleverly managed to win by its users. It is through quality services that earn loyal customers. This is also the event, which ended a few minutes ago. Besides the invited journalists in the audience there were Prime (paid service Amazon) customers who had to explain in a short video why they want to attend the presentation of the first smartphone company. The event starts with one of the submitted videos, and someone in the audience exclaimed, “This is me”. Surely this man will remain a long time customer of the company. This is an example from which you can learn other manufacturers – excellent impression to customers and great PR.

“We share many things with you,” said Jeff Bezos, when it comes out on stage. His first words are aimed primarily at Prime subscribers. Paid service Amazon has made a fantastic leap in 2011, as you can see from the following pictures.


“You can fill a bucket dropper, if the bucket is not running. You can fill the bucket with a hose, but if it runs again will remain empty. Prime does not run – when customers need to renew your subscription, they do, “says Bezos. He noted that when the company introduced the first Kindle, prejudices were much, but we all know now that this product is one of the best-selling and beloved. “The most common question I get asked is whether the phone will do. At Amazon we asked how to make a different product. Can we create a better smartphone for our most passionate users. Yes, we can, “said CEO of e-commerce. With these words he shows the audience the first Amazon smartphone – Fire Phone.


High end hardware

Display the widget has a 4.7-inch IPS LCD with HD resolution and protected by Gorilla Glass 3 (strong glass can be opened and the rear panel). The company has endeavored to be as convenient to use in all conditions – about 590 nt care and special polarizer. Fire Phone is wrapped with a rubber framework to provide better protection and the USB port is steel to avoid loose time. The hardware buttons are made of aluminum. There are two speakers with Dolby Digital Plus. The hardware is complemented by a 4-core processor (2.2GHz), Adreno 330 GPU and 2 GB RAM. The main camera is 13MP, f/2.0 lens and optical stabilization. “The aperture remains open 4 times longer to be captured better pictures in low light,” says Bezos. Another major plus that is often missed is the presence of hardware button for shooting. From the Amazon and provide unlimited space for storing pictures in Amazon Cloud Drive.


“Video playback is great on this phone,” says Bezos. “People will love it.” For Prime users available functions Second Screen (synchronized playback of the second screen), X-Ray (full details movie – cast, crew, etc.), ASAP (Advanced Streaming and Prediction – adapt to consumer habits by making automatic buffering regular PJs or projected materials interesting for the viewer), Netflix, HBO Go, ESPN and Prime Music. Individual users will have access to Kindlestore, where you can find 500 000 exclusive titles and millions of books. Fire Phone will be a Mayday feature that provides a direct connection to a company representative who is willing to resolve problems when operating the device. Of course, these applications are not something something and can be found in other devices. Well, the next function is different and very interesting.


Although we’ve seen similar applications in other phones (visual scanner in Bing Windows Phone), Firefly is a much higher level. The application detects QR codes, scan items and objects, recognize and songs (like Shazam). Interestingly, the Firefly television series and recognizes the sound, which then earns information from IMDB (owned by Amazon). If your list seems short, it will add to the recognition of pictures and reading and preparing for dialing telephone numbers written on a piece of paper. The good news is that the list may continue to swell because of the Amazon already released SDK, through which third-party developers can easily add functionality to Firefly. Application run by hardware button, which suggests how many rely on this feature by Amazon. “Firefly recognizes hundreds of millions of other everyday products,” says Bezos. “Let us turn our attention to something else.”


Dynamic perspective: 3D magic Fire Phone

This is one of the functions for which it was said the most serious. Rumors started since last year and expect something interesting. Our expectations if we trust the opinions of people who have seen the work of the phone closely justified. Fire Phone has not exactly 3D display, but uses a dynamic perspective that makes objects appear in three dimensions when the phone is moved in different directions. This is obtained by an extremely interesting hardware on which the work of the Amazon about 4 years.


Photos may be approaching just by tilting the phone. The maps will show 3D landmarks (buildings) that may be looking around.


Autoscroll function allows moving text or browser by tilting it sounds comfortable especially when reading books. We have met a similar technology to other smartphones, but here it is paid much more attention. Bezos showed some impressive themes and even its use in games where the user can easily change the perspective. “The secret is to always know where your head,” reveals Bezos. This is something that Samsung tried to do in the first Galaxy S4, but without the complicated technology developed by Amazon. As in the real world there are many different factors – light, shadow, beard, glasses, makeup, etc., Fire Phone is equipped with a set of infrared cameras that measure distance and movement of the user’s head. The technology sounds like Kinect, but smartphone. Convenience is the function of shopping.


Developers now have access to the SDK, which enrich the capabilities of dynamic perspective.

User Interface

Unfortunately, at that time still do not have much information about the user interface. It resembles Android, but Google’s operating system is heavily modified. Most applications seem much easier to use, and the design is simple, which we like. Expect more information in the coming days.



Pricing and Availability

As we already know, Fire Phone will be exclusive to AT & T, and cents will be $199 (32GB) and $299 (64GB). Free price does not sound at all pleasant – 649/749 dollars. Is now available for pre-orders, and deliveries will begin on July 25. Users receive one year of free access to Amazon Prime (cost is $99 per year). D.TECH NEWSAmazon,smartphoneAmazon unveiled its first smartphone that certainly stands out from the flagship. Fire Phone, as its name, has excellent hardware, 3D technology and some very interesting features. Of course, like any product of the company, and the phone is heavily involved with the services of Amazon. In the following...