There is something very nice in the Amazon. We do not know whether it is that Jeff Bezos started his huge business on the foundation of a great product – the book. Perhaps the reason is that the company is profitable, but never forgets customers. Amazon constantly changes enough to be as user friendly.

Since last year, rumors started of an upcoming smartphone that will carry the brand Amazon. Initially out information in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the device will be free, but will be heavily involved with the company’s services to Bezos. This rumor was quickly dismissed, but interest in the upcoming widget maintained. Everyone knows that the phone will not be like the others – it is enough to see the tablet Kindle Fire. The event is today (June 18), and in the next series will introduce you to all we know and expected future phone. Unfortunately, he almost certainly will not be available in our country and according to the latest information on the WSJ will be exclusive to AT & T. Although this is certainly quite interesting product – both as a technology and as an idea.

Tomorrow’s event was opened with a interesting video in which people meet for the first time, a mysterious product. One participant even exclaimed “it moves me.” This somewhat confirms the expectation of a unique interface that is based on a 3D effect. In late April show more information about 3D technology that we can expect in smartphones Amazon, accompanied by the first alleged photos.


According to information we should expect two models – one that we will see today and budget, which will have reduced parameters and will appear later in the market. If again trust the rumors, the flagship will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2 GB RAM. The operating system will be heavily modified Android – similar to that used in the tablet Kindle Fire. The display will be 4.7 inches and is based on the HD panel. Let’s go back to the 3D feature padded with special hardware. The smartphone will have six cameras. Logistics must be 13MP, accompanied by the standard front camera for video calls. They were joined by four infrared cameras located at each corner of the front panel. They have one function – make 3D software to work as well, smoothly and accurately. For this purpose, constantly monitor the position of the face and the eyes of the consumer and the display. The information collected is transmitted to the software that makes the necessary adjustments in the positioning of the items displayed on the screen. The result – 3D content, but without the need for special glasses. Expected on the lock screen the user sees special wallpapers in perspective that changes in the tilt of the device. A similar effect will be available in the menus, but really practical application in the store Amazon. There, users will be able to view products in more detail, not only in the form of 2D images.

3D phones are nothing new. New would be if Amazon model fails to reap a considerable success. One of the first devices that try to capture customers with 3D, it was HTC Evo 3D. The phone was released in 2011, had a 5MP camera on the rear panel to capture three-dimensional video in HD resolution. Display 3D games without the need for special glasses. The problem was that the picture quality could never be described as ‘satisfactory’. 3D games have failed to impress, and can even lead to headaches. HTC Evo 3D failed because not sure that is good enough for 3D content.

HTC Evo 3D

In the same year was the LG Optimus 3D. He was equipped with a pair of 5-megapixel camera, HD video filming. The display was also designed for use without special glasses. Hardware model was of a very high level, but the 3D functions failed to distinguish it from the others. Although HTC did not dare to do more experiments with 3D technology, LG did not give up. They showed LG Optimus Pad 3D (8.9-inch 3D tablet), which was ignored because of their poor 3D and short battery life. In 2012 appeared LG Optimus 3D Max, which has excellent hardware, several interesting software solutions, but 3D applications proved too buggy and generally spoiling user satisfaction. We hope that Amazon’s smartphone will not follow the fate of these interesting devices, but with too many problems.

Since the information at that time not very detailed (it is interesting that the rumors were not able to unravel this device) and 3D in the past does not perform as well, although it was included as a critical technology (6 chambers), we do not ask – do not assume you Bezos and company risk? Do they need this product in a market that is over saturated – big technology companies have a strong lead.

“The Great War begins between ecosystems,” said Macquarie Research analyst Ben Shaktar. “It will be a long war with many battles.” It is interesting here that Amazon may be some advantage. If other manufacturers earn from the sale of devices, Amazon wins the services. This could have reflected in a lower price and attract fans paid Prime service. The bad news for giant e-commerce is that entering unknown territory, but the great advantage could be a major drawback – too closed operating system.

Kindle Fire HDX is an excellent tablet, but with too closed operating system

The company Jeff Bezos has another advantage – you can spread your phone to about 250 million users, but without the need for an intermediary to more expensive price. May also offer the device in an attractive package with Amazon Prime.

According to the NY Times call for tomorrow’s event was not only sent to journalists and customers, but also to developers who have experience with applications using motion sensors of smartphones. They were also asked if they have experience in “machine learning”, which can mean that Amazon wants to provide phone that supplies its owner the right information based on habits. Maybe even shopping habits?

Speculations are many, and assumptions – unclear. It is hard to imagine that Amazon’s smartphone will be a great success. It rather sounds like a niche product aimed at Prime users. Even if this is so, perhaps the device will help the company to increase its profits. The good news is that some of the answers will come today (18 June) when will be held the official premium and we will keep you updated. D.TECH NEWSAmazon,smartphoneThere is something very nice in the Amazon. We do not know whether it is that Jeff Bezos started his huge business on the foundation of a great product - the book. Perhaps the reason is that the company is profitable, but never forgets customers. Amazon constantly changes enough...