The largest manufacturer of computer processors in the world Intel makes another attempt to become the founder of the next era in the development of computers. During the exhibition Computex 2014 in Taiwan, the company introduced a wide range of new processors and with them – examples of devices that can take advantage of new technologies.

If we are completely honest, this is not the first time that the company says similar ambitions. Last year it also showed examples of ultrabooks and tablets, which had great expectations. Unlike previous attempts to Intel this year, however, the company has actually nothing to show and enjoys the support of numerous manufacturers of tablets, laptops and desktops. Only during Computex is expected to feature more than 10 Intel based tablets from different companies. And besides processor company in the mobile segment occurs through communication chips, which are used by more than 30% of new models.

Processors salvation

The main problem of the tablets today is that their performance is difficult to compete with that of a laptop or desktop computer. In an attempt to change that Intel introduced a new processor that will be known branded Core M. It will be available in various modifications will be based on the architecture of the already popular Core i3, i5 and i7. A distinctive feature of the Core M will lower energy consumption – less than 10W. “This is the most energy efficient CPU in the history of Intel”, says company president Renee James during Computex. Core M chips will be used in devices without fans, while it will have performance that is actually closer to that of the Core i series.

As a demonstration of James showed a prototype 12.5-inch tablet shell thickness 7.2 mm and weight 672 grams. Device codenamed Llama Mountain uses Core M chip microarchitecture of the next generation Broadwell. Intel added that tablets of Asus with the same hardware will be available in a few months. The manufacturer of the chips and the present 10-inch version of a tablet, which has a thickness of the housing only 6.8 mm and weight 550 g.

Such performance is desired by the companies, as this is one of the main reasons a user want to replace my laptop with a tablet. Llama Mountain offers this possibility because it can easily be connected to a keyboard and the shape of the laptop. Interest of companies missing. Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba and KD Interactive are ready with Intel based tablets. Some of them use Windows as their operating system, but there are many proposals that rely on Android. Of course, for Intel most importantly their chips are at the heart of these devices. Ultimately, the group promises that this year the market will come 130 new tablet with its products. The main objective of the company is the delivery of 40 million tablets in 2014 and now everything indicates that it will be completed, said James.

While processors are seen as a salvation for the desktop. Although the general public has to look almost exclusively on laptops, desktops still have quite a few, and a very loyal following – ie. enthusiasts. They remain a very valuable market, as they have high standards and are willing to pay dearly for the most advanced technologies and additional features. For example, the processor can be “unlocked” to allow overclocking to the limit of the chip. During Computex company presented such processors as the top model is the Core i7 4790K, codenamed Devil’s Canyon. The chip is based on the latest generation Haswell architecture and comes standard with 4 cores working at 4GHz. There are also all additional technologies such as Hyper-threading, Turbo Boost 2.0, etc.. The chip is expected to be available in the middle of the year, during a race at Computex was achieved a world record for overclocking 4-core processor, it has been achieved a clock frequency of 5.5GHz for all cores.

Happy Birthday

Intel paid special attention to perhaps the most popular range – Pentium. In honor of its 20th anniversary the company has released a special version of the processor. She says Pentium Processor Anniversary Edition (G3258) and is also unlocked, allowing advanced users to modify it. Pentium actually turned 20 last year, as sales of the first processor started in March 1993, however the development of such a chip is not easy and the delay is understandable. Anniversary users will get a dual core processor clocked at 3.2GHz.

By G3258 Intel hopes to create a new segment in the market that allow users to configure a cheap but powerful enough for gaming computers. It will even allow overclocking reasonable without the need to invest in costly cooling. It has a built Intel HD Graphics controller support Quick Sync Video. Unlike Core i7 Pentium jubilee model will be priced under a hundred dollars.

Device of the Future

Renee James announced that tablets and smartphones to many changes ahead. They will rely on a variety of shapes and designs and will have to meet the diverse desires of consumers. Unusual forms will need to be accompanied with low prices, without compromising too much on performance. Intel demonstrated a prototype smartphone with the next generation Atom processors codenamed Sofia. It features a built-in 3G modem. By ready development Intel hopes to help mobile phone manufacturers more easily and quickly create their models.

Processors outside the company demonstrates progress in other areas. One of them is the 3D camera RealSense. She’s already expressed interest eight users on different devices. By RealSense users will be able to control your device with gestures, without touching them. The camera is expected to be found in a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets and even hybrid desktop type “all in one”. T.TECH NEWSintelThe largest manufacturer of computer processors in the world Intel makes another attempt to become the founder of the next era in the development of computers. During the exhibition Computex 2014 in Taiwan, the company introduced a wide range of new processors and with them - examples of devices...