Sony announce Sony Digital Paper can be yours for $1,100


After several demonstrations in 2013, Sony officially unveiled Digital Paper, 13.3- inch E Ink tablet. The device weighs only 350 grams, and the display has a very high resolution technology – 1200 x 1600 pixels. Digital Paper is designed for architects and engineers. The screen displays 16 levels of gray and can be used with both fingers and a stylus . The battery lasts about three weeks and can be charged by USB, the internal memory is 4 GB. There is available slot for full-size SD. The price of the tablet is $1,100, which is the most serious obstacle to its promotion.


Yahoo is preparing to launch a competitor to YouTube and maybe will be very soon


Changes in Yahoo after the arrival of Marissa Mayer are not few and they are to regain lost some at the price of Google positions. The next step may be related to the video content. Yahoo is working on a competitor to YouTube in the process of trying to attract the biggest stars of the service of Google. Google was no competitor for his service for very long time now Yahoo want to try. Wants to do this by offering more money than those who receive from YouTube. So Yahoo will try to take advantage of the discontent of the stars of YouTube because of pay and provide them with a greater share of the revenue from ads and advertising guaranteed prices for their videos. Along with this there will be a strong marketing videos from the Yahoo and the ability of authors to sell video advertising.


Sales of Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit began


Neo Gear 2 and Gear Fit two new smart watches, which Samsung introduced at the MWC 2014 in February. The models are developed by the company with the idea to establish positions in this increasingly interesting market segment brands. Users who are interested in the purchase of these devices is good to know that Samsung has already launched sales in the UK. At the moment they are sold to the GSM network Unlocked Mobiles and we can expect soon be available in other countries. We note that the price of both smart watch is identical as they can bought $300 inclusive of taxes and fees. Galaxy 2 Neo has 1.63 -inch Super AMOLED display and is powered by a dual-core 1GHz processor, and  512MB RAM.


Finally Pictures of iPhone 6 leaked from Foxconn


Finally we have leaked photos for the new Apple iPhone6. Some pictures that supposedly show a prototype iPhone 6 appeared in profile in the Chinese social network Weibo. It is said that the frames have elapsed from source to Foxconn – the company that assembles the device for Apple. Authenticity of the images, however, remains in question, as the device we see is so thin that even the camera sticks out of the housing of the phone, and so far the only thing we’ve heard regarding the next iPhone, that Apple experimenting with large display and can offer it in two versions. Actually iPod touch also flow over the hull camera, so that such a move would not be unprecedented for the company.


Galaxy Tab 4 is a new range of tablets with Android OS from Samsung


Samsung officially released the premiere of its new range of tablets with Android OS, which is called Galaxy Tab4 and includes three different models. The premiere of the devices in the global market is expected in the second quarter, we  still don’t know at what price they will be available to consumers. The tablets  are 7, 8 and 10.1 -inch display with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels that support 16:10. They  also work with Multi Window useful feature that allows you to open multiple apps on your home screen. The larger model of the series is powered by a quad 1,2 GHz processor, which have 1,5 GB RAM and has 16GB of internal memory. Samsung have included also microSD card slot, 3- megapixel camera on the back and another 1.3 MP sensor for video calls on the front and a battery with capacity of 6800mAh.


Lumia 930 is the new flagship of Nokia


During the Build Nokia announced its new flagship, which is the video device for Windows Phone 8.1 – Lumia 930. The smartphone has a 5- inch 1080p display and a very different design than its predecessors, includes a metal strip and more severe. At the heart of the Lumia 930 is 800 Snapdragon chip, combined with 2 GB RAM memory, 20MP PureView camera with Carl Zeiss optics. The software of the camera has undergone significant changes, and should be easier to use than ever. The device comes with Windows Phone 8.1, the new version of the mobile platform Microsoft.


Microsoft has officially unveiled the voice assistant Cortana competitor to Siri and Google Now


Microsoft officially announced that they have developed a voice assistant for activation of smartphones with Windows Phone, named Cortana (Cortana). The function is a direct competitor to Siri and it had information from several months. Still test version of Cortana was demonstrated by Joe BELFIORE the annual conference for Microsoft developers in San Francisco. “Cortana service that can understand verbal instructions to search the internet to create alarms to help you to make calls and many other actions still in beta testing,” said BELFIORE of Microsoft Build. “But very soon it will be part of the standard features of Windows Phone.”


WWDC 2014 begins on June 2


Yesterday Apple announced that the next edition of WWDC, the most important annual event of the company, will start on 2nd June Besides a wide range of lectures and workshops on various topics, and the company will announce new versions of both platforms, iOS and OS X. The slogan of WWDC 2014 is “Write the code. Change the world”  We expect iOS 8 to build over the success of iOS7, adding options for communication between applications (long awaited new function), expanding the functionality of Notifiction Center and Control Center. OS X 10.10, also known as Syrah, will include a new interface conforming to the mobile vision of iOS7.


Worst threats against the creators of Oculus after selling the company to facebook


Last week we witnessed another surprise transactions made by Facebook. If the acquisition of WhatsApp shocked us because of the huge amount that divide social network last transaction with another surprise – the product . We can not say that the responses generated by transactions were particularly positive. This is normal, as Oculus VR entered this world through public funding site Kickstarter, which has become a huge hit. It seems that fans can not let it go, and now moving toward a serious outburst of displeasure.


3GB RAM in the smartphone is not enough. ZTE will launch a phone with 4GB?


Some flagships are equipped with 3GB RAM, but their number is not enough. Switching from 2 to 3GB RAM becomes relatively slow. It is possible that at the moment does not need much memory, but it’s not something that stopped undying hardware progress. Although 3GB RAM is still something massive, very soon we can see new smartphones with 4GB! T.TECH NEWSWeeklyBuzz  Sony announce Sony Digital Paper can be yours for $1,100 After several demonstrations in 2013, Sony officially unveiled Digital Paper, 13.3- inch E Ink tablet. The device weighs only 350 grams, and the display has a very high resolution technology – 1200 x 1600 pixels. Digital Paper is designed for...