The big news of the passing week was Android Wear and Moto 360. Changes in the world of smart watches that expected (or rather hoped that soon to come) are fact. For all it was clear that this segment will take a big step if it does not include Google and Apple. Well, the first company to do it in an excellent way, although so far not a finished product, to confirm it, but it will happen soon – Moto 360 should be out in six months. Tension is already on people from Apple, which should underpin changes in this area, but to show us why the company is one of the most innovative in the world of technology. And it will happen soon, right? Not according to some analysts who believe that this watch will have, but not as soon as expected. If this is true, Apple will lag behind too many competitors? Then why is the whole fuss about Healthbook? Here are the details.

The general opinion is that Apple develops, designs and seriously considering varieties of smart watch. Now the differences – with the technological media such watch will not only have, but will appear later this year. But not by everyone. Some believe that iWatch not. Well, it will be maintained for a long time, but this year will be a debut for him. The assumption is based on two interesting analysis – one of Craig Hockenberry of Furbo, and the other – on Ben Bagarin of Techpinions.
Hockengerry asks “What problem can solve smart accessory?”. According to him, Apple could find these negatives for this segment. The company will have to enter into direct competition with companies that have extensive experience in the world of watches – producing high quality products and have secured a reserved seat on the wrists of customers. Entering the market in which the style and quality is not included in the price category under $1000 would be a problem. Apple will not be able to launch such an expensive watch for several reasons, but the main one is that technology is moving so fast that people will be expected to replace this device fairly often (like flagship smartphone). Traditional watches can last forever (relatively). According to Hockenberry currently does not have the technology to create beautiful design, long battery life, excellent display and interesting fitness functions. He adds that Moto 360 is attractive, but too thick, we currently have no information about the battery, do not know its price, and for sports functions is silent.
If there is no iWatch, why there is fuss about Healthbook? According to Bajarin one does not exclude the other. He thinks that Apple is preparing to harness the ecosystem of smart accessories made by other hardware companies, but with enough unique and exclusive” bait “to bind them to the iPhone. In this situation Healthbook only serves as a mechanism to make the connection between the hardware. In this way, Apple will attract manufacturers that make iPhone more powerful platform.

We can not agree that this is an interesting option, as it is difficult to imagine a universal smart accessory – each user has a different routine, perform different activities and take care of your physical health differently. Sounds impossible one widget to cover all requirements. Impossible and unnecessary. If this assumption proves accurate, Apple will move a serious world of smart accessories, but without presenting iWatch. Yet something remains unclear – in the last 18 months Apple attracted some interesting additions to their ranks – people who are experts in the field of medical sensors. Of course, this does not automatically mean that we can expect soon iWatch. They may work on different projects. According to Brian Dolan of Mobi Health news” technological capabilities of the iWatch will be much more modest than expected.” Recall the case of Siri. When the application made ​​its premiere, it had fewer opportunities but continually improve and develop.
Whether iWatch will appear soon? We can not say for sure, but we know that Apple will not be outdone by its competitors. Some analysts reach even further. According Trip Chowdhry, analyst Equities Research:

"Apple has only 60 days in which either will have to show something or disappear. It will take years before they melt all 130 billion dollars, but it will become a company ... no matter if it does not iWatch, would just be a zombie."

We can not agree with such a statement and excessive extreme, but is it so important to introduce smart watch? Yes, we expect this year to be perhaps the most important in the world of smart accessories, but equally important role you will play? Could hardware manufacturers to shift a large part of their efforts to those gadgets, making them an integral part of smartphones and tablets? We can not give an exact answer, although we doubt this to happen so quickly. One thing is certain – the battle shifts to a new field, which could fall heads of some major characters. We will follow with interest.

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